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Find Out What Your Event Needs

Helpful Tips for Your Event

At Mystic Brush, LLC., we see to it that booking our art services for events in Indiana is hassle-free for all of our clients. That is why we have compiled some tips that will help you figure out how long you will need us for your event. Use the table on this page as a guide. Keep in mind that the industry standard time for one face painter is 10-12 faces per hour.

One Face Painter

12 Faces -.1 Hour

24 Faces - 2 Hours

36 Faces - 3 Hours

Two Face Painters

24 Faces - 1 Hour

48 Faces - 2 Hours

72 Faces - 3 Hours

Multiply the number of guests by five to get your total number of minutes needed, and then round it up to the nearest hour.

Keep in mind that if you have young boys or teenagers as guests, they often ask for superheroes or more elaborate face painting designs. For example, at a party with a Star Wars theme, guests will ask for Darth Vader or other very detailed characters. These take much longer to finish, from 6 to 10 minutes per face. Let us know about your themed party ahead of time—you can count on us for custom designs!

Face painters will need a shaded, sheltered area on level ground if they are to work outdoors. A power source will be necessary if it’s dark. Also, please reserve space indoors in case of rain.

Other enjoyable services for your event are temporary tattoos, glitter tattoos, henna tattoos, caricatures, and balloon art. We offer these through our network of professional artists. Contact us early for scheduling.

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