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Things to Consider When Hiring Our Artists


Before you request our art services at Mystic Brush, LLC. such as face painting and henna tattoos, please take the time to read our policies. If you have any questions, call or email us today. Our services are available to clients in Indiana.

  • A $50.00 booking fee is required to secure your event date. Upon reserving a time frame for you, we turn down other events for that date and period; therefore, this fee is nonrefundable. In the event that you keep your booking date, this fee will be deducted from the full payment due.
  • Full payment for your party or private event must be made 1 week prior to your event date.
  • We require 7 days notice of cancellation. In the event of bad weather, a rain date may be scheduled. Rain dates are scheduled according to availability and cannot be made ahead of time.
  • A $1.00 travel fee will be added for every  mile 10 miles outside of our business zip code of 46804.

  • We have a 2-hour minimum booking requirement for all assignments.  Bookings that are more than 25 miles or more outside of our business zip code of 46804 will require a booking minimum of 3 hours. As a rule, our travel time cannot exceed our service time.

  • Please be aware that we cut off the line within the full scheduled time. We count back customers to the ending hour.  Because we are often scheduled for other events that day, we cannot stay over the time you have scheduled. If we do not have another event scheduled, you may arrange for us to stay for an additional hour but payment must be made at the time of service.

  • To comply with our practice of good hygiene, we reserve the right not to paint anyone with runny noses, pink eye, open sores, rashes, or cold sores. We are compliant with current COVID-19 hygiene and safety directives.
  • We will not paint children who are crying, struggling, or being held down forcefully against their will.
  • Industry standards strongly suggest that children under the age of three should not be painted. The paints we use are of the highest quality, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial. However, children under the age of three have not yet fully developed their immune system, so they may have an adverse reaction to even the highest quality products.
  • Please be aware that we cannot hold onto cancelled dates and payments for more than one year. In the event of two cancelled dates, only a partial refund will be given. When your event is scheduled, we have turned down other events and payments for that day and time and hired artists.
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